UWALK: the development of a multi-strategy, community-wide physical activity program

Cally A. Jennings, Tanya R. Berry, Valerie Carson, S. Nicole Culos-Reed, Mitch J. Duncan, Christina C. Loitz, Gavin R. McCormack, Tara Leigh F. McHugh, John C. Spence, Jeff K. Vallance, W. Kerry Mummery

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UWALK is a multi-strategy, multi-sector, theory-informed, community-wide approach using e and mHealth to promote physical activity in Alberta, Canada. The aim of UWALK is to promote physical activity, primarily via the accumulation of steps and flights of stairs, through a single over-arching brand. This paper describes the development of the UWALK program. A social ecological model and the social cognitive theory guided the development of key strategies, including the marketing and communication activities, establishing partnerships with key stakeholders, and e and mHealth programs. The program promotes the use of physical activity monitoring devices to self-monitor physical activity. This includes pedometers, electronic devices, and smartphone applications. In addition to entering physical activity data manually, the e and mHealth program provides the function for objective data to be automatically uploaded from select electronic devices (Fitbit®, Garmin and the smartphone application Moves) The RE-AIM framework is used to guide the evaluation of UWALK. Funding for the program commenced in February 2013. The UWALK brand was introduced on April 12, 2013 with the official launch, including the UWALK website on September 20, 2013. This paper describes the development and evaluation framework of a physical activity promotion program. This program has the potential for population level dissemination and uptake of an ecologically valid physical activity promotion program that is evidence-based and theoretically framed.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)16-27
Number of pages12
JournalTranslational Behavioral Medicine
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Mar. 2017


  • Community
  • Evaluation
  • Health promotion
  • Internet
  • Physical activity
  • Theory


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