Transformative strategies: Strategic thinking in the age of globalization, disruption, collaboration and responsibility

Brian Tjemkes, Oli Mihalache

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Transformative Strategies is based around the idea that strategic thinking is critical for organizational success in today’s environment. The financial crisis, continuing economic uncertainty, digitalization, environmental issues, and social issues involved in globalization present strategic problems for enterprises. Unlike other textbooks that take a standard solutions-based approach, Transformative Strategies provides readers with a way to develop strategies that fit their own complex situations and shows how models may be applied in different ways to different problems. Each of the four key elements affecting the business environment (globalization, disruption, collaboration, and responsibility) are addressed as a set of tensions in eight areas: global competition, business model innovation, digital strategizing, business eco-systems, corporate social responsibility, top management teams, and trans-cultural leadership in a globalized world. This tension-based pedagogy enables readers to shift from dichotomized thinking (such as exploring or exploiting) to transformative thinking (such as exploring and exploiting; exploring through exploiting) and readers are challenged to solve real problems that companies face, encouraging them to acknowledge the broader context in which organizations operate and to analyze the problem from multiple perspectives. Each chapter is structured to aid engagement and discussion, including a discussion of the tension tied to the chapter’s topic, learning objectives, theoretical frameworks, real life case studies, exercises and reflective questions. A highly practical book that encourages readers to develop solutions that fit their own complex problems, it will be particularly suitable for those studying strategic management as part of an MBA, MA or MSc in Management, as well as those in executive education. It will also appeal to all those interested in learning how to lead and transform organizations towards impact, purpose and relevance. Online resources include discussions of the case studies, supplementary problems for class discussion, and an instructors’ manual outlining the pedagogical approach.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages222
ISBN (Electronic)9781000373660
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan. 2021


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