The networked learning framework: A model for networked professional learning utilizing social networking sites

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    This chapter describes the Networked Learning Framework (NLF), a networked learning model utilized in the development of a networked teacher professional development (nTPD) program. The NLF is a model which combines the use of social media tools found in common social networking sites with guided online activities to deliver innovative and engaging learning opportunities. One implementation of the NLF, the nTPD Courselet, delivered in a social networking site for Alberta teachers, is described in detail. Teachers report that the sharing of resources, reflective blogs, and collegial discussions are the most valuable outcomes of nTPD Courselets. Design principals and factors for designers of faculty PD developers to follow when using the Networked Learning Framework, as well as descriptions of two other NLF implementations, are presented in the chapter. Further research to identify effective supports for social networking novices and ways to build online facilitator capacity are needed.

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    Title of host publicationVirtual Mentoring for Teachers
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