Justice climates in police organizations

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One of the consistent themes I have heard in my more than 24 years in policing is the issue of fairness in the workplace relating to how decisions are made about the distribution of work, developmental opportunities, promotions, performance evaluations, and discipline processes. Building on a brief introduction of organizational climate in Chap. 1, in this chapter I delve further into the concept of climate and its linkage with culture. Organizational climate is a reflection of the dominant norms and values of an organization’s culture, which influence employee behavior [58]. To create a fair and more inclusive environment police leaders can only successfully undertake change when the climate—what people experience, and the culture—what people believe the organization values, also change [70].

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Title of host publicationAdvanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications
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Publication statusPublished - 2017

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  • Distributive Justice
  • Organizational Climate
  • Organizational Commitment
  • Police Service
  • Procedural Justice


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