Designing effective learning objects

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    The use of learning objects (LOs) in education and training has the potential to improve the way instruction is delivered. However, they must be developed using sound instructional design principles and learning theories. The LO definition proposed by this author is ‘any digital resource that can be used and reused to achieve a specific learning outcome or outcomes’. The three key words in this definition are digital, reusable, and learning outcome. LOs must be in a digital format to facilitate storage in a digital repository that can be searched and retrieved electronically. They must be designed so that they can be reused in different lessons or courses and different instructional interventions or situations. And, a LO must be tied to a specific learning outcome so that appropriate content and assessment can be included, and the appropriate delivery medium can be identified. The overall goal is to promote learning and improve performance. Hence, it is important to know how students learn in order to design LOs that are effective and that are designed properly and efficiently with the learner in focus (Richards, 2002).

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