The CHAPTER I Study: Evaluation of Novel Transition Interventions for Youth With Congenital Heart Disease

  • Andrew Mackie ((University of Alberta) (Creator)
  • Joyce Magill-Evans ((University of Alberta) (Creator)
  • Gwen Rempel ((Athabasca University) (Creator)
  • Kathryn Rankin ((University of Alberta) (Creator)
  • Cheri Robert ((University of Alberta) (Creator)
  • Bernadette Dodd ((University of Alberta) (Creator)
  • Sunjidatul Islam ((University of Alberta) (Creator)
  • Michelle Schuh ((Stollery Children's Hospital) (Creator)
  • David Nicholas ((University of Calgary) (Creator)
  • Isabelle Vonder Muhll ((University of Alberta) (Creator)
  • Brian McCrindle ((University of Toronto) (Creator)
  • Yutaka Yasui ((University of Alberta) (Creator)
  • Andrew Mackie ((University of Alberta) (Contributor)
  • Andrew Mackie ((University of Alberta) (Contributor)



    The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of a cardiology clinic-b ased educational intervention for 15 to 17 year teens with congenital heart disease (CHD), and to determine whether this intervention results in improved self-management skills, teens having greater knowledge of their heart condition, and more teen satisfaction with services. The study showed that an individualised nurse-led teaching session for older adolescents with heart disease results in improved knowledge of their heart and greater self-management skills relative to controls.
    Date made available2016

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