First observation of temporal variation of STEVE altitudes using triangulation by two color cameras

  • Liwei Chen (Nagoya University) (Creator)
  • Kazuo Shiokawa (Nagoya University) (Creator)
  • Martin Connors (Creator)
  • Yuto Kato (Nagoya University) (Creator)
  • Takuma Tsuboi (Nagoya University) (Creator)



These images show the Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement (STEVE) observed on Sept 3rd, 2022, at Athabasca, Canada, using two Nikon D610 cameras with an all-sky fish-eye lens. The two cameras were located at AUGO-I (54.71°N, 246.69°E, C002) and AUGO-II (54.60°N, 246.36°E, C001), respectively. The format of the filename is C00X_YYDDMMhhmmss_0030.jpg.
Date made available9 Jan. 2024

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